Create the Body of Your Dreams With Visual Motor Rehearsal

Published: 29th July 2009
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In 1988 I heard Dr. Dennis Waitley say, "If you go there in the mind, youll go there in the body every time." He followed that with a story about Olympic champions that visualized themselves pole vaulting or walking the balance bar perfectly before they ever walked out on the floor to compete. When their pulse and respiration were monitored they increased the same as they would if they were actually performing physically. The technique is called Visual Motor Rehearsal. How can that technique help us create the body we want?

How we see ourselves in our minds eye is really what we believe to be true for ourselves. Sit still and take a few deep breaths. Imagine you: how you look; how you walk; how you speak; how you perform at a task you love to do. What does it look like that first time? Are you walking or dancing fluidly? Is your skin flawless? How symmetrical do you appear? If you saw something less than what feels absolutely good to you, then you want to create a visualization of what you really want to see and make it real. The reality is that there isn't anything wrong or bad about you; however, if you want to shift something you can.

Jack Canfield is a mentor and friend of mine. In his book, The Success Principles he recommends using the time before sleep and the time before getting out of bed in the morning as prime creation times. Joseph Murphy, renowned author and lecturer in the first part of the 20th century, recommends the same discipline. Go over goals, recreate things from your day that could have had a better outcome, put yourself in that new car or home or job or new business. Give yourself the body you'd love to have. If you're a new mother, see all the baby weight gone and yourself in a new bikini the way you want to look. If you're a body builder, see yourself with rippled muscles, and in the greatest physical shape of your life. The Success Principles is a great book, a must have for deciding upon and creating the life you want to have.

I want to share that even if you don't like the skin youre in, giving gratitude for what you have is really important. The reality is that the more you push away how you look or feel, the more the feeling or unwanted situation will stare you in the face. Acknowledge all that is good about you; and please, dont say there isn't anything good. I know that isnt true at all. Think of every small and large accomplishment. Make a list and add to it every time something new pops in your head like: I have beautiful skin, my teeth are really straight, I am feeling healthy right now. Add everything you think of. Allow the list to grow and boost your self esteem.

If it seems difficult to SEE a new you, focus on how it will FEEL to achieve a body symmetrical and healthy. Healthy eating styles can be implemented too and will most likely be easier after you've spent a couple of weeks imprinting your heart's desire into your consciousness. Then, let go and trust that everything is already perfect. Detach from the outcome. Let go of guilt, blame and shame. Put gratitude for what you do have together with detachment and sentient rich visualization, and enjoy the life and the physical shape of your dreams right now.

Create the body of your dreams and make it happen. Brain Science supports your right to create on every level; and Master Teachers all over the planet are proving it is so. Ellen Valentine, CNC

Ellen Valentine is a Nutritional Counselor and Whole Life Coach. Ellen is dedicated to helping others understand their greatness.

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